Hortobágy National Park 07/2017

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International plein air of art in the World Heritage of the Hortobágy National Park Puszta, a vast area of plains and wetlands in eastern Hungary. The Park is an outstanding example of a cultural landscape which preserves intact and visible evidence of its traditional pastoral use over more than two millennia and represents the harmonious interaction between people and nature.

The cultural landscape of the Puszta represents the highest scenic quality, with pleasing and dramatic patterns and combinations of landscape features which give it a distinctive character, including aesthetic qualities and topographic and visual unity. The horizon is only occasionally disrupted by trees, groves, settlements. There is almost no permanent human population within the property itself, but in the grazing season, from April to October, hundreds of stock-breeders graze their animals here. Their traditional pastoralism, with the related social customs and handicraft activities manifests itself in their intangible cultural heritage.

Bicycling along this unbroken horizon for getting inspiration, I decided to collect some of the flora flowers to paint for my plein air.

Imprinting the spirit, simple and genuine, of this land in my Serie of "There's still wildlife in Hungary's flowers", oil on canvas, I enjoyed my week with flowers composition on the notes of the hungarian song "If I was a rose" >>> https://youtu.be/RnVfufbLnGs

When among the boundless fields of sunflowers, the soul gets fill with a cheerful and carefree spirit, and painting is a joy.

A legend says that the Sunflower is born from the immense love of a water nymph called Clytie for Apollo, god of the Sun. She continued to watch Apollo as he passed through the sky until she turned into a flower... "Sunflowers", oil on canvas.

The oldest Hungarian city was founded by the Ancient Romans in 43 AD with the name of Colonia Claudia Savariensum. The country was the birthplace of Attila, king of the Huns, immortalized in the magnificent fresco by Raphael by memory of the historical meeting with Pope Leo I, where a vision of two angels persuade the warrior's leader to save the city of Rome, but also, Hungary, is the homeland of the Rubik's cube.

My "Purple Wild", oil on canvas, is a mosaic of spring purple Hungarian wildflowers and wild daisies.

Daisies, called "day's eye", was an iconic image for the roman soldier and gladiators's medals, while the purple flower was associate and used for funerals and death, but when them are mixed with other colors the purple flowers represents accomplishment and admiration.

Beyond the landscape, the immense land of the Hungarian Putza has represented an ideal setting for horse breeding since time immemorial. The Magyar people have ancient equestrian traditions... and «riding turns "I would" in "I can".»

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